Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pale Ale show down

So, I finally got around to testing/tasting my Epic Pale Ale clone vs the real deal.

First off, I only used New Zealand Cascade. Epic used US Cascade only. I think this is a massive difference in the beer. I am a self confessed hop head. I like hoppy beer, I love the smell and taste of hops. Therefore I brewed my favourite Pale Ale.

First off you'll notice the haze in the clone (one the left). I'm not 100% sure why there is a haze and I'm not really worried by it. Second is the head on the clone. Its big and its lasts, all the way through. On the Epic, it doesn't.


Next is the aroma. This is where the NZ Cascade comes into its own. Biggest thing I noticed was more passion and tropical fruits from the US Cascade. NZ Cascade was more citrus and was much more dominant. Taste is very much the same. Epic have done an amazing job with their Pale Ale and I still rate it as one of my favourite beers, but, I think if they were to use NZ Cascade, it'd be MUCH better.

I guess it comes down to why you brew. I brew because I enjoy beer. I brew because I enjoy brewing. I brew for myself and SWMBO, but mainly for me. I enjoyed it and I will brew it again and again. House Ale I feel.

 On a side note, I managed to score a cheap pot. Its a 30L so a little smaller than my current brewpot, but it'd make a good mash tun. Just need to buy a weldless dial thermometer, sight glass and a false bottom, then we'll be good. Other thing to, got a 2 ring burner, so outside to brew now, not longer on the stove top stinking out the house.

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