Sunday, 5 February 2012

Chubby Highlander - Taster


Tried the Chubby Highlander tonight with SWMBO.
Wow. I've been wanting to brew a beer like this for since AGES ago and I finally have. Will it be brewed again? Oh yes, yes it will be brewed again. Possible this could become the house ale. We'll see how the Pils Wheat or Wheat Pils turns out.

So how does she taste?
Hints of the Cascade citrus flavour in the back of the mouth, Motueka nose and wow, a decent malt back bone to compliment the hops. If SWMBO likes it then I think its a little bit of a winner. Definately moreish and would suit a hot summers day. Very refreshing. Not quite a lawnmower beer, but she's a beaut.

Will I change anything?
Honestly yes. Leaving the malt as is and playing with some other hops would be a great idea. Really want to get my hands on some Nelson Sauvin. The original recipe called for it but I used Motueka instead. Perhaps a Pacifica/Nelson Sauvin. Watch this space for more!!

Wheat Pils or Pils Wheat

Currently brewing, so in between hops I thought I'd update.
I was going to brew the Wit Friday again, but in my ordering of stuff, I thought I had some CaraPils at home, but it was just plain Pilsner. Not to worry, this one is going to be a mongrel off the cuff beer. 1.7kg specialty grains and 3kg of LME. I think I'll throw in some light brown sugar after day 2 and see what happens. Motueka and Saaz hops as well. Smells delicious at the moment :-)


REALLY need an immersion chiller. 10L of freezing water + 10~ boiling wort = 35 degree wort. Still to hot to pitch the yeast. In the sink she goes with some cold water round the outside. Sit for 30mins, drain, repeat, drain, repeat with ice = MAYBE -10 degrees which is at the high end of the yeast, but the temp will come down more (hopefully).

Going to let this one sit for 2 days and throw 500g light brown sugar in and leave it for a further 9 days. Check the gravity on day 6 and 7, hopefully she's stopped fermenting by then and the yeast can just clean up after itself.

On a side note, I know its not near the 4 weeks required to condition, BUT I just can't wait. SWMBO and I will try it tonight.