Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wheat Pils or Pils Wheat

Currently brewing, so in between hops I thought I'd update.
I was going to brew the Wit Friday again, but in my ordering of stuff, I thought I had some CaraPils at home, but it was just plain Pilsner. Not to worry, this one is going to be a mongrel off the cuff beer. 1.7kg specialty grains and 3kg of LME. I think I'll throw in some light brown sugar after day 2 and see what happens. Motueka and Saaz hops as well. Smells delicious at the moment :-)


REALLY need an immersion chiller. 10L of freezing water + 10~ boiling wort = 35 degree wort. Still to hot to pitch the yeast. In the sink she goes with some cold water round the outside. Sit for 30mins, drain, repeat, drain, repeat with ice = MAYBE -10 degrees which is at the high end of the yeast, but the temp will come down more (hopefully).

Going to let this one sit for 2 days and throw 500g light brown sugar in and leave it for a further 9 days. Check the gravity on day 6 and 7, hopefully she's stopped fermenting by then and the yeast can just clean up after itself.

On a side note, I know its not near the 4 weeks required to condition, BUT I just can't wait. SWMBO and I will try it tonight.

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