Saturday, 19 January 2013

First 2013 Brew

I've decided on a variation of the Hawkes Bay Hummer I did for my Brother in Law. Basically the same recipe but a different flavour hop and a big jump in the additions.

I'm doing a 90min boil, 90min mash and a first wort and 90min additions. In those 2 additions alone, 100g of hops. The other 100g will be spread out from 20min to flame out. 

Keep an eye on Twitter for a running cometary on brew day - should be early next week.

Magpie Mimi IPA
Tried, tasted, passed on. I'm not sure if the smell of this beer is due to yeast (fermentation), hops or perhaps a combination of the two.

The easiest way I can explain the smell, is medicinal, almost a little like Dettol mixed with Dr Pepper. The taste is just as odd. Its nice, just not my cup of tea. Not sharp enough. Will I brew it again? No. I think this one was a one off and won't feature again.

I'll put up some more tasting notes from the Magpie Mimi once I've let it sit a little longer, who knows, it might come right.

Cheers and happy brewing!


  1. I have no idea aye. I think it might be a mixture of the temperature being way to hot for the yeast mixed with the hops. I thought a 107g hop bomb might've taken care of it, but its still smells like Dr Pepper mixed with Dettol!

    All in the name of brewing right!!